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2018 Best IT Project of the Year - Awarded to the Allegan County

Best IT Project - Randy Vanatter receiving award from Craig PaullThe Mi-GMIS  Best IT Project Award is presented to a government agency that shows resourceful initiatives, cost savings measures, an innovative IT solution to a problem, a new way of working or a new business process.  

Facing a very tight turn around window to deploy a new remote upload solution for election precincts across the County and further complicated with limited technology at each election location, the Information Services team rallied together to develop and implement something unique to this space. Utilizing Office 365, the Team built a secure elections SharePoint front-end solution with a OneDrive backend and trained all precinct clerks on how to safely upload their results. A custom discussion board and document folder was created to allow the County to quickly and conveniently send information back and forth with each precinct. As a completely device agnostic solution, the clerks can now upload their results from anywhere and are no longer restricted to their precincts, which many of them had Internet access and computer challenges anyway. Rather than increasing technology at each precinct (i.e. VPN client software, scripting, custom laptops, etc.) we have capitalized on existing technology and knowledge (Internet browsing). This has improved continuity of operations, increased efficiency, and ease for our customers.